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About IRQ

IRQ FUNDS qualified investor funds are here for investors who want their real estate assets to appreciate in value. We begin our journey with the IRQ Residential Rental sub-fund, oriented on rental housing.

We are with the project from the initial preparation and construction, long-term holding, administration and appreciation all the way to the properly-timed sale. We prepare, adapt and build the properties in this manner so that we can maximise the investment yield over the long term.

Unique investment strategy

Cooperation with developers

Thanks to vertical integration activities and close partnerships with developers, we are able to achieve a significantly higher increase in the fund's value and current yields of the individual assets than is standard in this segment.

Thanks to the development of projects from the very beginning and the entirely individual adaptation of their design and function, we realise the maximum value for their long-term holding for rental housing.

It is a unique investment strategy on the market, making it possible to absorb the effect from the development itself and the subsequent above-standard yield from the long-term rental and sale. We focus on real estate in desirable locations.

IRQ Residential Rental

Sub-fund oriented on rental housing

The main measure of our success is the security of the investment in combination with a high IRR. We have so much faith in our business model and abilities that we do not demand any share in the profit until we meet the targeted yields for our investors. Thus, you only share your profits with us when we have kept our word.

Basic information

Name of fund: 



Area of investment: rental housing

Sub-fund currency: 

Investment horizon:
5 and more years

Valuation period:
half year

Targeted investment yield:
8% p.a.

Investment shares

growth - with the possible payment of dividends

Share classes:
A, B and C

Minimum investment in class A:
CZK 100 million

Minimum investment in class B:
CZK 25 million

Minimum investment in class C:
CZK 1 million


Entry fee:
A: 0; B: 0; C: 1%

Managerial fee:
A: 0.5%; B 1.0%; C 1.5%

Performance fee:
A: 50% above 5%; B: 60% above 6%; C: 70% above 7%

Size of fund

Target fund size:
over CZK 1 billion

Expected volume of fund:
2-3x equity

Fund raising:
capital calls and direct investment


IRQ Funds are oriented on quality real estate in popular locations in Prague and Brno, where we are intensively continuing to search and acquire more projects.

Partnership as a path to success

An example of cooperation with REALISM

The IRQ Residential Rental Fund cooperates closely, for example, with the REALISM development company, which can boast of successfully-completed buildings that have earned several Czech and international awards.

The REALISM group provides our projects with services in the areas of preparation, construction and asset management, always under our supervision and with our cooperation. For the IRQ Residential Rental Fund, this partnership represents a way to participate from the very beginning on all their projects, to minimise the risks and expenses while achieving significantly above-average yields and appreciation of the investment funds. The partnership brings the developer a more conservative and stable part of the business opportunities. This transparent vertical integration and calculated limitation of yields on the part of the developer is a key to our success.

More about REALISM

In symbiosis with the developer

An example of cooperation with the REALISM Group

Key people


Zdeněk Tůma

Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Investment Committee Member 
Co-founder of fund

Martin Hubinger

Member of the Supervisory Board and Investment Committee Member 
Co-founder of fund

Martin Pětivoký

Member of the Supervisory Board and Investment Committee Member 
Co-founder of fund

with us

Are you interested in the opportunity to invest in the IRQ funds? Arrange a meeting with us, at which we will present all the details to you.


IČO: 096 10 863
U měšťanského pivovaru 1417/7
170 00 Praha 7

The company is registered with the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, Insert 25754

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